Thank you for booking with us at Georgetown’s only Private INDOOR GOLF Facility.

We are located at : 55 Sinclair Ave. Unit 12 – Back Entrance


There are only 3 parking spots at the rear of the building – see following diagram

  • 2 spots between the 2 red cones (Parking 1&2)
  • 1 spot tight up against the garage door at the rear (Parking 3)

Before You Arrive

House Rules

  • Please arrive at the back door only approximately 5 mins early.
  • The door is always locked, so please ring the doorbell.
  • Bring your own golfclubs. 
  • Please bring your own CLEAN golf shoes. Outside shoes are not allowed.
  • There is a coat rack & golf bag storage on the left side of the entrance area.
  • You must purchase your own Birtees and bring your own golf balls. Markings are not allowed on balls, they will damage the screen (markers etc)
  • Only hit the ball from the middle of the dark grass area – hitting anywhere else will not register your shot properly & could cause damage to your equipment and our facility
    For safety purposes, only 1 player should be on the GRASS when hitting the ball.
  • About Trackman Technology: We are using the world’s best hardware and software. Please be careful of the orange box at the rear of the hitting mat. FYI –  the replacement cost for this is $20,000.00.
  • For help with Trackman technical issues call 1 (810) 225-9855
  • No smoking indoors. Please keep the door closed when smoking outside.


ID: SecondBallFirst
Password: ilovegolf

Food and Drink

You can bring in your own food & beverages or order in.

Kindly clean up & put any garbage or recycling in the appropriate bins before you leave.

Failure to clean may result in a $50 Cleaning Fee.


Located in the front of the unit – in the office area.

Contact & Feedback

Phone: (905) 288-8185

We appreciate your feedback.
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55 Sinclair Ave Unit 12
Back Entrance Only
Georgetown, ON L7G 4X4